Are You Listening? Ep. 5 | Limiting in Mastering (Part 2)

What should you consider when setting up a limiter in your mastering chain? How do you know when the limiter is working too hard, or what aspects of a mix are being impacted?

In Episode 5 of Are You Listening?, listen as professional mastering engineer and iZotope Director of Education Jonathan Wyner demonstrates how to set a track’s level, how to know when your limiter is working too hard, what to consider during limiter setup, what a limiter’s impact is across a mix, and a few bonus tips only a pro could give.

Note: Some audio examples you hear have been altered from their original recordings to bring attention to the core concepts highlighted in the ‘Are You Listening?’ series.

Learn the fundamentals of limiting, and follow along with this episode by downloading a free trial of iZotope’s intelligent metering software, Insight 2:

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