Audio Editing & Tools in Logic Pro X (Tutorial)

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In this video you’re going to learn everything you need to know about editing inside Logic Pro X.

00:00:41 Adding & Moving Structure Markers
00:04:34 Organizing Your Project
00:06:34 Controlling Project Tempo & Key
00:20:32 Tuning Vocals
00:27:58 Using Flex
00:35:37 Sound Design Using Various Tools
00:42:36 Looping & Copying Audio
00:55:24 Muting & Deleting Audio
01:06:01 Creating Alternative Versions
01:13:09 Adding New Sections
01:17:09 Using Crossfades & Fixing Clicks
01:37:10 Copying With The Marquee Tool
01:40:08 Replacing & Doubling Drums With Samples

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