Best Synth For Learning Sound Design

Recently, I’ve had a lot of producers ask me what synth I would recommend for them to get. In this video I’m going over my personal favorite synth for sound design, and some of the pros and cons of the synth. I hope you find the video helpful. Would love to hear what your favorite synths are in the comments below!

Check out my intro to sound design series. Links below:

Intro to Sound Design Part 1:

Intro to Sound Design Part 2:

Virtual Riots video on Serum:

🚨Let’s get to 5000 subs!!🚨

Time Stamps:

My favorite synth – 1:22
Synth cons – 1:46
Synth pros – 2:19
Cool features of the GUI – 2:56
FX section – 3:57
Where to buy – 4:08
Closing thoughts – 4:31


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