Electronic Music Tutorial – Transitions from the Professional Music Producer

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Videos on this channel are the light entertaining addition to the unique audio production, music production and mxing course from the top ranked recording engineer/mixer/music producer Andrew Zeleno. Unique because we work on sound and compare it with the best professional song in the world made by somebody from the top 20 audio engineers. We make our projects sounding on the same level of quality in real time. Plus the teacher doesn’t shoot videos like others but takes responsibility to make you a professional and lead you from beginning to the end working with you during 9 months. it’s not only theory but there are home works and online checking results with demonstrating how it should be done. For getting the most advanced skills and taking a place in the music industry, check this course. It’s the only one music production school online which makes you a true professional with competitive skills/products after 9 months even if you are a beginner. Because you really see your results in comparison with the best products from the best professionals. Nobody compare because a teacher has to have ability to make the sound on the same level. Mixing, mastering, recording, sound design, editing, post production, philosophy, instruments, ears trainings, music theory, professional approach, different genres. The techer is the top ranked audio engineer/music producer with more than 10 years in the industry who worked also with SSL and working with Waves on a new plugin right now. The teacher is so believe in this course that he desn’t take any payment in advance. It gives you an opportunity to attend a couple of Skype lessons to make sure that this course is for you.

How to Mix Vocals. How to Mix Song. How to Mix Drums. How to eq. How to use a compressor. How to write music. How music theory works. How to make beats. Beat Making. Vocal Mixing. Drums Mixing. How to Mix Guitars. Guitar Mixing. Acoustic Treatment. Pro Tools. Logic Pro. Cubase. Nuendo. FL Studio. Ableton Live. Studio One. Reaper. Native Instruments. Waves. Softube. Slate Digital. DAW. Best Plugins.

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