Getting Started With Serum as a Beginner

In this video I’m going to walk through everything you need to know to get started with Serum. Then we’ll actually play around with a bit of basic sound design to give you a better idea of how the synth works. If you’re brand new to sound design I’d recommend checking out my intro to synthesis and sound design video first which I’ll link below. Once you have a basic understanding of sound design this video will make more sense. In this video I kind of skim over the FX part of this synth. I was worried that if I went over it in detail it would add another 15 minutes onto the video, and I wanted to keep this video under 30 minutes. I thought the sound design portion (at the end) of this video was more important. If you have any specific questions about the FX section feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer them. Also, let me know if you have any specific types of sounds you may like me to do tutorials of in the future.

Intro to Sound Design video:

Time Stamps:

quick overview – 1:15
change skin – 1:22
change size – 1:30
saving and loading presets – 2:19
quick look at oscillators – 3:22
quick look at filters – 3:50
quick look at envelopes – 4:16
quick look at LFOs – 4:52
a more in depth walkthrough – 5:58
oscillators – 6:03
filters – 10:06
envelopes – 11:44
LFOs – 12:24
voicing (mono, legato, porta) – 14:14
noise osc – 15:10
FX section – 15:41
sound design time – 17:00
making a retro lead – 17:23
making a plucky bass – 23:44

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