Headroom, Gain Staging & Clipping in 32 Bit Digital Audio [Mixing Tutorial]

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0:00 Intro
1:44 Do you need 6 dB of headroom?
2:29 Where the -6 dBFS target came from
3:54 Why some experts are saying to leave headroom in your mix & pre-master
4:30 Recommended plugin input levels
5:26 Doing a reference test master
6:04 Can plugins on your tracks, busses or your master safely handle signals above 0 dB without causing problems?
7:13 How to test plugins for input levels & clipping behavior
10:28 How to gain stage properly in chains of plugins
11:34 Seeing as modern DAWs are using 32 bit floating point processing, does it even matter if you clip your master?
12:23 Analyzing clipped audio exports in 32 bit floating point & 24 bit fixed point
13:34 2 reasons to leave headroom in 32 bit digital audio
14:19 Is clipping really that bad? And do you need to avoid it at all costs?
16:15 Summary & outro

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