How to Get a Perfect -6 dB Mixdown With Gain Staging

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Why you need 6 dB of headroom
1:20 Intro to my mixing template
2:00 How to gain stage
3:03 Custom gain staging & mixing Audio Effect Rack
4:15 How to get -6 dBFS peak level
4:43 How to set your kick level, & mix around that
5:55 How to view clipping and fix your mixdowns
6:58 Outro

In this video I want to share some workflow tips on gain staging and how to get a mixdown that’s perfectly dialed to send in for mastering. Mastering engineers will typically ask you to render your mixdown so that it peaks at -6dBFS.

Pretty much all mastering engineers use this as a standard because it gives them some room to work with. But how do you mix so that everything sums up to perfectly to -6? Easier said than done. So, I’ve got a workflow and a couple of simple techniques I want to show you that’ll help you nail this every time.

I’m going to show you my personal mixing template and walk you my process step by step.

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