How To Make Any Sample Fit Your Project Tempo in FL Studio 20

In this quick video I will show you how to make any loop fit the tempo of your project automatically.
This technique can sync samples and loops to your project BPM so that you can use loops at a different speed or tempo in your project without adjusting the pitch.
It works for both percussive loops and melodic loops, so it’s great for both drum loops and instrument stems.

Step 1 – Find the sample tempo
Step 2 – Use the “fit to tempo” tool to automatically sync the sample with your project
Step 3 – Manually adjust any loop or sample if it’s not working as expected

Tips –
Be sure to select or deselect “Stretch” at the top left of the playlist when adjusting audio clips
Try experimenting with pitch, Sometimes it’s okay of the pitch of a drum loop increases or decreases, it can create a really unique tone!
Samples Used – Decap Drums That Knock Vol 5

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