How To Record Acoustic Guitar – Easy Home Recording

In this video I show you some foolproof ways to record acoustic guitar in your studio.
I think it’s best to start with 1 microphone and get the most balanced tone you can with it.
I demonstrate how to record with:
– Condenser Microphones
– Dynamic Microphones
– Small Diaphragm / Pencil Condensers

Start by warming up, relaxing and setting up your equipment. Be sure to turn off studio monitors when recording and also turn off your WiFi, electric heaters and put your phone into airplane mode – All of these things eliminate interference!

On your recording software adjust the buffer length of your audio interface.
Shorter values allow you to have lower latency but can often be too CPU intensive.
Select a longer value and choose direct monitoring on your interface instead.

Then set up your microphone – Spend a lot of time finding the best position and keep recording and listening back, this is critical. Avoid the sound hole and try to avoid getting closer than 6 or 7 inches. There is almost no need to ever push a microphone so close. The best recordings I’ve got are from over a foot away, every time 🙂

Good luck!

The gear used:

Guitar – Faith Venus
Audio Interface – iD4
Condenser – Lewitt Microphones
Dynamic – Sontronics Solo
Pencil – Slate ML2

Buy the gear here if you want to use the same stuff I use:
â–¶ Guitar:
â–¶ Audio Interface: UK – USA –
â–¶ Lewitt Microphone:

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