How to Use Sytrus | FL Studio Tutorial

In this video I’m going to go over as much of Sytrus as possible so that you can more easily navigate your way through this plugin, and start making your own sounds from scratch. Even though this synth has been around for a long time, it’s capable of doing a LOT of different things. There’s a lot to cover in this video, so I’m going to do my best to at least talk about all the main things you need to know about, but if there’s something that you feel is really important that I left out of the tutorial please leave a comment below and let everyone know! Hope you enjoy the video!

My intro to sound design series:

FM Synthesis podcast with SeamlessR:

Time Stamps:

digital FM and sytrus overview – 1:26
getting acquainted with sytrus – 2:47
the operators/waveshapes – 4:38
aliasing filters/oversampling – 7:58
how to automate the matrix/volume – 11:11
how to use the matrix – 13:53
the main tab – 16:02
envelopes, lfos, and more – 18:18
the oscillator tab is super cool – 20:22
the filter tabs – 21:03
extra stuff to know about – 24:41
the FX tab – 25:38

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