How to Write a Bass Line Using Non-Diatonic Notes, and More! (2 Music Theory Hacks)

Playing only the root note of each chord in your bass does not make a bass line, so in this video you’ll learn how to write a bass line using non-diatonic notes, and more. But first… Tea!
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1:35 – HACK 1 – Go The Wrong Way
To make your bass lines more melodic (and therefore more memorable!), simply start by adding a short note in between some root notes. This creates a flowing contour to your bass line, while also adding excitement to the rhythm department.

3:13 – HACK 2 – Go Outside
Now that your bass line is flowing, it’s time to get dangerous! So, try moving one of your short notes to a note that is not in the scale. Yep, we’re going off-roading! Notes that are outside the scale are called non-diatonic notes, and used in the right place, they’re a game-changer!

The example in this video is the chorus from of our upcoming single “Down with the Drama”, which features the amazing Sarah Serene on vocals. We’re in the key of F♯ minor (AKA F♯ Aeolian), and our chords are: F♯m, Amaj, Emaj, Bm, Dmaj, Amaj.

Hack Music Theory is the pioneering notation-free method for making great music. Taught by award-winning music lecturer Ray Harmony, and his protégé (and wife) Kate Harmony, from their studio in Vancouver BC, Canada. Ray is the author of critically-acclaimed book series “Hack Music Theory”, and has made music with Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Ihsahn (Emperor), Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs), Madchild (Swollen Members), and many more. Kate has the highest grade distinction in Popular Music Theory from the London College of Music, and is the only person on the planet who’s been trained by Ray to teach his Hack Music Theory method! While these Hack Music Theory YouTube lessons teach music theory for producers and DAW users, they are designed to accommodate all music makers (songwriters, guitarists, etc.) and all genres, from Electronic Music to R&B, Pop to Hip-Hop, Reggae to Rock, EDM/Dance to Metal (and yes, we djefinitely Djent!).

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