Let’s Build a… Distortion [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial builds a distortion. As though at the workbench together, we cover various methods of distorting a signal and then combining them in parallel. We explore pre-gain, Audio Out’s clipping options, waveshaping and “Bend”-ing signals, wavefolding and quantization, and splitting signals by frequency and polarity. The options are limitless within The Grid.

NOTE: Project file with snapshots and bonus content available here – https://www.bitwig.com/en/community/learning/grid-lets-build.html#anchor-Distortion

0:36 – Time for FX Grid
1:33 – Common distortion formula
1:48 – Audio Out always has clipping settings
2:54 – Start with Clip-ing
4:18 – Shaper time, such as Distortion…
4:59 – …or even Bend
6:26 – Wavefolder, for extra cycles
7:09 – Quantizer, for reducing resolution
7:51 – Math of a simple crossover…
9:02 – …for treating lows & highs differently
10:10 – MinMax, for splitting at zero…
11:34 – …for treating the sides differently
12:14 – FX Grid can use notes too
12:40 – This works for pre-cords…
13:09 – …or any parameter, with Modulator Out


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