Let’s Build a… Sequencer [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial builds a sequencer. Starting with the idea of a simple drum sequencer, we explore Device Phase and its pre-cords, event sequencing, using a global clock at multiple rates, alternating envelopes, simple phase modulation (with oscillators and noise), light waveshaping, and modulators. Because in The Grid, not all instruments require notes.

NOTE: Project file with snapshots and bonus content available here – https://www.bitwig.com/en/community/learning/grid-lets-build.html#anchor-Sequencer

0:15 – What is an instrument?
1:15 – Build the first drum element
1:43 – “Device Phase” via pre-cord
3:04 – A second drum element
3:33 – One global clock, plus processing
5:48 – Third element as hi-hat…
6:48 – …that’s occasionally open
8:47 – Fourth element as bass
10:03 – Plus a Pitch(es) sequencer

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