Modular Concepts: Phase, a Matter of Timing [BITWIG STUDIO 3]

This tutorial explores phase for driving step sequencers and animating sound. We start by looking at Bitwig Studio’s default tempo-locked behavior and then manipulate phase signals to create interesting relationships. Phase is a uniquely powerful idea, which is why it is central to The Grid and worth getting comfortable with.

NOTE: Project file with snapshots and bonus content available here –

0:28 – Pitch, timbre, loudness… and phase
1:19 – Driving the DAW
2:00 – Trigger-driven model via Ø Counter
2:55 – Phase pre-cords make things moving
3:34 – A few phase processors
5:58 – Manipulating a synth sound
7:06 – Going polyphonic
7:38 – Breaking down a phase signal
9:02 – An LFO to drive phase
10:48 – Scaling phase with each note’s velocity

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