Sound Design Secrets in Serum: How to Use & Save Effect Chains

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Many synths have some great FX built right into them. Serum stands alone in a class of its own on when it comes to effects available directly within the synth.

Serum has 10 FX modules that’ll powerfully maximize the potential of your sound design when creating new sounds. Serum also has a brand new function that allows you to save your FX Chains and load them into different presets.

Not only does this save a LOT of time, it gives you an opportunity to experiment, and saving and loading new FX chains in Serum is RIDICULOUSLY easy.

The best part about using FX with Serum: you can assign modulation sources to ANY of the parameters in any of the FX modules you have selected, and when you load up a new FX chains, the modulation carries over.

In this tutorial, Darkside Funk Sound Designer, DUSKO, shares how he uses Serum’s FX chains to take his sound to the next level, and how to save your FX chains for future sound design experimentations. Let’s take a look!

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