Techno Rumble Bass: How To Create This Sound


In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to easily create the classic techno rumble which is prominent on so many techno tracks. There are many ways to achieve similar results but I find that this is a really easy way to get there fast. Creating a techno rumble layer in your tracks will help to fill out the low end and create a nice rolling groove.

Please make sure you are listening to the video with full-range speakers or headphones to hear the results accurately.

You are going to learn how to:
● Pitch down percussion loops to create the initial rumble loop.
● EQ the rumble loop.
● Add more grit and interest to the sound using special FX and saturation.
● Compress and limit the rumble to add more power and dynamic control.
● Add reverb to the rumble to create more decay length, depth and width.
● Make your rumble mono-compatible.

How do you go about creating this sound? Let us know in the comments below…

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