The #1 FASTEST Way to Put Your Sub in Mono in Ableton Live 9 and 10 – New Feature

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In this video I show a simple, yet extremely powerful new feature added to Ableton Live 10. The humble Utility device has gotten a juicy upgrade and now contains new superpowers! It’s guaranteed to save you a TON of time by simplifying your workflow and making it far easier and more straightforward to put the bottom end of your mix into mono.

It does this by adding a new module. You get a crossover that can be set anywhere from 50 to 500 Hz and a Bass Mono button that will put anything below the crossover into mono. You also get an Audition button that allows you to solo only what’s below the crossover, making it easy to A/B the difference and fine tune your settings. Booyaa!

Video Sections: Click to Skip to These Points

Intro: 0:00
Creating Stereo Information with the Wavetable Instrument: 1:00
Adding Stereo Information with Reverb: 1:50
Darkside Funk Drum Loop: 2:20
Multi-Band Splitter Rack: 3:23
Free Download: Multiband Splitter Rack: 4:00
The New Utility Device with Bass Mono: 4:22
A/B Comparison: 5:30
Outro: 7:27

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