TouchOSC MIDI Controller with REAPER and a Mac

If you’re on a Mac, TouchOSC its super easy to set up with an iOS device over USB as a MIDI controller. Sorry Windows users, I have nothing for you today.

Some day I will cover making custom layouts and control surfaces with TouchOSC but for now we’re just using it as a portable MIDI controller.

Over USB you’ll get a low latency MIDI input into your DAW.
While it’s technically possible to do this all over WIFI, I would not recommend it.

– Unlock iPad and connect with USB to lightning cable
– Launch Audio MIDI Setup utility on the Mac
– Enable the iPad/iPhone in the Audio page
– Open TouchOSC app on iPad/iPhone
– Enable TouchOSC Bridge and CoreMIDI
– Set Layout to Keys or Beatmachine
– Open REAPER and go to Preferences, Audio, MIDI Devices
– Enable Apple iPad/iphone for Input and control, apply preference change

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