Using ReaLearn for Track Sends

Jon shows how to use ReaLearn to assign selected track sends control to a MIDI controller, with feedback on the controller LEDs.

1 – Enable MIDI controller for control input and output in reaper preferences
2 – Add 3 tracks to project
3 – Insert ReaLearn VSTi on 1st track
4 – Make 4 sends from track 2 to 3 (or more if needed)
5 – Set ReaLearn input and output to the MIDI Controller
6 – Click “Add Mapping”
7 – Learn Source – move 1st hardware knob
8 – With track selected, set target type to “Track Send Volume”, Track to “Selected”, and Send to “Track 3” (the first send in the list)
9 – Name the mapping
10 – Repeat steps 6 to 9 for additional sends
11 – Save as a preset.

To use in other projects just add ReaLearn to a track and load the preset. The controller will read the send levels on each track as you select.

NOTE 1 – You can only control 1 selected track sends with this method. Later in the video I also show how to set this up with REAPER’s native functions, which works with multiple tracks, but no feedback.

NOTE 2 – this might not work with other controllers. It’s working well with my Novation Nocturn, but very poorly with Behringer BCF-2000. Still trying to figure out why.

Get the ReaLearn plugin here

More about MIDI Feedback in REAPER

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