What’s New in REAPER v5.980 Update – Item ruler; Render selected tracks via master and more

REAPER v5.980 update has added some cool new features like the item ruler and rendering selected tracks via master, plus a bunch of performance tweaks.

00:33 – Jump to time:
add support for jumping to relative time
in earliest selected media item
02:51 – Media items:
add optional per-item ruler display
06:21 – Mixer:
fix slowness when opening mixer
07:14 – Performance:
improve low-latency behavior by avoiding
destroying media buffers from audio threads
fix live FX multiprocessing issue with folder
tracks causing media buffer underruns
reduce audio device underruns when pausing
07:51 – macOS:
add osx_max_open_files= reaper.ini tweak
11:51 – Render:
add option to render selected tracks via master
when rendering selected tracks or media items via master, also render children and receives
12:45 – Render:
improve use of $item wildcard when rendering project regions
support $item and $track wildcards when rendering selected media items via master

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