HOW TO EQ VOCALS – Simple 3 Step Formula For Eqing Vocals

Learn HOW TO EQ VOCALS with this SIMPLE 3 Step Formula for EQing Vocals to sound CLEAR, PROFESSIONAL & SIT IN THE MIX.

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The Lazy Man’s Quick Jump Guide…

How To Eq Vocals:

2:48 — ‘What You Will Need’

3:28 — Step 1: ‘The High Pass’

5:31 — Step 2: ‘The Top Shelf’

7:38 — Step 3: ‘The Sweep’

Some Final Tips For EQing Your Vocals…

10:14 — How To Get An ‘Edgier’ Vocal Sound

12:21 — What To Do If Your Vocal Isn’t Sitting In The Mix…

13:40 — 3 Step Formula Overview

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