How to Make Glitchy Granular Bass [Ableton Granulator II Tutorial]

Check out the Glitches & Grains Granular Sound Design Course:
Download the free project file from Warp Academy:

Finding your “Sound” as a producer nearly always begins with learning new ways to (literally) create NEW sounds. Lucky for you, Ableton Live is full of MIND-BLOWING sound design tools including a hyper-powerful synth, Granulator II.

At Warp Academy, we have a resident glitch & granular sound design expert, Merlyn Silva. He’s signed to Iboga Records and teaches music production at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, so he’s well-qualified on the subject. In this tutorial video, he’ll show you one of his favorite techniques for creating glitched-out basses in Ableton Live.

This video is just a taste of Merlyn’s full course, Glitches and Grains:
Granular Sound Design over at Warp Academy (

The Glitches and Grains course puts an array of wicked-powerful new sound design skills in your sound design arsenal. You get super deep into Ableton Live’s power features and unlock its full potential.

Taking this course will reveal workflows and processes that few producers ever discover. Become an Ableton power user by unlocking these epic production secrets.

Glitches and Grains: Granular Sound Design over at Warp Academy (

Download the project file from Warp Academy:

Skip to Somethin’

0:09 – Audio Example
0:19 – What is Glitches & Grains: Granular Sound Design?
0:42 – What are you going to show me in this video?
1:20 – Let’s get started, yo!
1:58 – I want to learn how to do this! – Check out the course:
2:16 – Texture Layer
2:48 – Pro Tip 1
3:32 – Cool ending effect
4:02 – Adding extra energy to create a feeling of “opening up”
4:54 – Final thoughts
5:26 – Outro

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