How to Make Synthwave in FL Studio

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make synthwave in FL Studio using all stock FL Studio plugins, synths, and drums. Synthwave aka retrowave is a genre of music which has really grown a lot in popularity over the past couple of years. The genre is heavily inspired by 80’s movies and video games.

In this tutorial I use a lot of presets which I made using GMS (Groove Machine Synthesizer). If you want to learn how I made certain presets in GMS let me know in the comments below which presets you want me to make videos on. I’m planning on doing at least a couple, but I can do more if enough people are interested.

Download the synthwave drum kit:

My free drum kit (Over 400 HQ sounds):

My free ebook on getting better mixes:

How to make white noise sweeps:

Time Stamps:

overview – 0:22
drums – 1:25
start producing – 3:33
tempo – 3:44
laying down kick – 4:16
laying down snares – 4:32
laying down hi hats – 5:10
synths – 5:42
bassline – 6:00
sidechaining – 6:25
lead synth/melody – 8:06
white noise sweeps – 9:27
crash – 10:10
adding reverb to lead – 10:41
another hi hat/ride – 10:58
adding toms – 11:20
listen to progress in stereo – 12:03
found some nice flex presets – 12:17
laying down an arp – 12:57
time for a pad – 14:12
listen to progress in stereo again – 14:44
adding another arp – 14:58
arrangement – 16:01
final result – 16:52


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