How to Use Dynamic EQ with FabFilter Pro-Q3 New Features [Review + Tutorial]

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0:00 Intro
0:34 Video Overview
1:14 Demo Song
1:40 Intro to FabFilter Pro-Q3
2:02 New feature: dynamic EQ
2:35 Using dynamic EQ to solve frequency masking
3:57 Setting up an external sidechain
5:33 New feature: The tilt function
6:06 Pink noise vs white noise
7:36 New feature: Auto-gain
8:46 EQing a bass stab with auto-gain
9:28 Outro

Every once and a while, new technology comes along that dramatically changes the game. Dynamic EQ is one of those innovative leaps forwards. FabFilter has just updated its flagship Pro-Q3 EQ plugin to include this new feature (plus many more) and we’re excited to demo it for you in this tutorial video.

BigJerr will walk you through the updates. Here’s our game plan:

Introduction to FabFilter Pro-Q3
How Pro-Q3 is different from Pro-Q2
What dynamic EQ is and how it’s different from regular EQ
How to use dynamic EQ to get better mixdowns and eliminate frequency masking
Pro-Q3 new feature: the tilt function
Pink noise and why it’s important to the tilt function
Pro-Q3 new feature: Auto Gain

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