Using Fuzz On A Guitar Solo In Studio One – Free Video Tutorial

In this free Studio One video tutorial, session guitar player and producer Paul Drew, shows how to use fuzz on a guitar solo in Studio One.

Here’s what Paul says about his choices for recording the solo.

“I’m going to record a guitar solo by using a fuzz pedal. So the reason why I’m using a fuzz pedal over a distortion pedal or an overdrive pedal is basically that a fuzz pedal is a little bit more out of control than both of those two. Now one of the great things about a first pedal as well. It just cuts through a mix especially if you use the right settings. Now if you look at the settings, I’m going to be using on this. I’ve got my volume at about twelve o’clock. My tone is cranked all the way up as these big muff pedals they tend to be quite bassy

So if you turn the tone although it really cuts through the mix now sustains on about one-two o’clock here and I find that the best thing for a solo. Now also with the fuzz, I find it pairs actually perfectly with a Gibson Les Paul, and I don’t normally use a Gibson Les Paul as I’m more of a Fender Telecaster or Strat sort of guy, but I do have one just for this purpose. If I really need that sort of guitar tone.

Now the reason why I’m going to be using this Les Paul is that it’s gonna be a rock guitar solo as I’m using the fuzz and I really want to bring out the pick attack and the Les Paul perfect for that. So if I demonstrate I just play a little bit this is without the first pedal this is just with the overdrive on the amp. Due to the way Les Paul was made and the pickups you can really hear all the pick attack, and that’s what I’m looking for for this solo.”

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